Greenbank Tapestry Poster

The Colourful North presents our Greenbank mural which can be purchased on 2 different fabrics and easily displayed in the home. The Giclee, one off lazer prints, high quality thick paper signed by Andy Burns Colwill ready to be framed by you is our professionally finished design which allows the mural to be displayed around the home or our high resolution poster for your bedroom wall.  


Giclee sizes:

86" 12" (2185mm x 305mm) - £99.99

36" 8" (915mm x 204mm) - £74.99


Poster Size:

47" 5" (1189mm x 133mm) - £11.99

Our Price:  £99.99(Inc. 20% VAT)

Brand:  The Colourful North

Greenbank Tapestry Poster