Artist Enrolment


This area is for Artist Enrolment to help The Colourful North determine key information such as:

Are you looking for a professional standalone commission?

Would you be willing to work with the community during application?

Or does both sound plausible?

We have many opportunities for all types of outdoor ventures. It also helps The Colourful North determine the quality of your work and whether the community would be open to the work you can present. Making yourself available for all types of events opens up many more opportunities where The Colourful North prefers (but not essential) to work with Artist who can exist on both platforms. The 3 previous design submissions helps The Colourful North view your artwork but also allows our panel to go through the process of submission; So YOU NEED TO SIGN UP TO BE SHORTLISTED.

Community: THIS IS WHERE 80% OF OUR OPPORTUNITIES ARE. The Colourful North's ethos is to promote Social Innovation. By doing this we are opening up the possibility for people to become creative where we aim to maximise the opportunities local residents can get involved in specific areas of the design so the community can become the artists who complete the work with your help - The type of Artist we would like to work with on this would not be egotistical, happy to sacrifice an element of professionalism for inclusivity and be happy to take members of the community (predominantly non artists) to be included in various aspects of the design. The ideas on the design are community led with areas and sizes discussed privately through conversations later in the process. Opportunities for these events will be continuous so your information will remain on file until a request is made for it to be removed.

Professional: THIS IS WHERE 20% OF OUR OPPORTUNITIES ARE AND WILL BE FOR THE VERY BEST MURALISTS THE WEST CUMBRIAN COMMUNITY SELECTS. Artist who commission here will be picked during a consultation with the local public. The size of this commission will be 3 METERS X 4 METERS (Artís District picture below) which will be the best you have to offer. During consultation and market research, the local public picked local history along with Whitehaven relevant murals as their ideal choice as it will be the local public who decide your involvement. Opportunities for these events will come up once EVERY 6 MONTHS so any information you upload will be recycled into the next shortlisting. You will only be selected for this category if you agree to our license agreement constitution which you will receive upon success of your application.

Both: It would be ideal if the artist who is commissioning a professional design would be happy to additionally work with the community to maximise the amount of artwork they can commission here in West Cumbria (2 mural commissions - 1 professional and 1 community based is ideal) by linking the artwork inside the arts district to the community. Working with Artists through this platform will be The Colourful Northís priority.

All of the information through this page is categorised to help The Colourful North achieve an effective shortlisting process. By submitting any designs, you are providing consent to any media promotion with regards to your involvement. You will be judged based on the work you submit so SUBMIT YOUR BEST WORK! You will be contacted prior to shortlisting for a consultation submission for professional standalone designs. For community designs, The Colourful North will contact you for ideas once we have the information to present which we obtain through our Wall Cupid platform.

We are HAPPY TO CONSIDER YOUR FEE which we will discuss privately once contacted, but please be aware that competiton is tight, so if we think your work is not worth your request, you wonít achieve shortlisting. Deposits will only be granted prior to the event upon exceptional circumstances.

PLEASE BE AWARE that any information you upload will be retained indefinatly, so before pressing SUBMIT, you are agreeing to The Colourful North retaining this information indefinately. And in doing so, we will refrain from sharing your information with 3rd parties.

AND REMEMBER If the community love you, then we will keep booking you!

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