Poverty has an appearance and Street Art inspires; The Colourful North CIC is a social enterprise with a view of restoring the mind set of Industrial 'brown' sites and ensuring the 'Mayor of New York' principle exists in a social setting. (the idea that you see good, you do good and if you see bad you do bad with regards to a personal investment)

The Industrial bland brickwork within Cumbrian area is perfect for professional works of art to inspire young and old, rich or poor introducing colour to a community which has not benefited from previously. Addressing and promoting creativity with dynamic mural workshops will be paramount to offering all walks of life, the opportunity to feel a part of the changes allowing individuals to either paint or spray paint within constructive community events.

The Colourful North aims to promote culture through art with the residents of the Cumbrian community, allowing both residents and tourists visiting the opportunity to invest in themselves through colourful adaptions of brickwork.

The inspiration behind The Colourful North has been drawn from previous experience of living in Melbourne where the city center has utilised Street Art to its advantage transforming industrial eye soars into an open top canvass of social diversity allowing tourists and residents to enjoy some of the world’s best constructed Street Art. The Street Art concept has given back to various International Communities, the ability to restore areas once considered un-desirable, allowing the local communities outlook of their area to improve drastically, even allowing tourism to flourish and violence to diminish through the suburbs which were once notably avoided.

Potentially, The Colourful North can be a very rewarding concept given the opportunity. We aim to restore individual’s low confidence/self-esteem and introduce positivity through colour which has notably been proven to diminish the signs of depression.

The Colourful North represents the opportunity to transform an Individuals outlook of society and promote their sense of greater responsibility, colourfully challenging individuals miss guided outbursts, challenging mental health and restoring local pride helping to reduce vandalism as the new found confidence in their surroundings perpetuates the greater responsibility whilst constructively channelling it into a creative response. Collectively it allows Cumbrian society to better express ourselves, allowing tourism to feed from the reciprocal positivity.

We encourage youth engagement as the young adults who participate have the platform to maintain their creative outlet.

The Colourful North aims to provide a unique to the area, positive experience projecting respected works of Street Art into the public realm. The work undertaken will be commissioned by a mixture of professionals and the local community; Genre specific artists will be considered within the centres of town and will be pre-scrutinised accordingly. The community art developments will be conducted by young adults, adults or the general public and will be a community led initiative.

Our work will be within both active or shy areas of the community depending on shape of space, genre, or public interest. The art work is designed to change the fortunes of Whitehaven through tourism interest, restore and promote the dwindling Institutions of Cumbria, distraction of environmental hardships for the strugglers and a more positive outlook of one’s self; but more importantly it allows the community to express themselves constructively.

Donations are also welcome; Please visit our members or donation pages as The Colourful North needs your support to continue our legacy!

The Colourful North CIC